It’s not you, it really does suck

I have never had occasion to make use of the WordPress Media Library: I’d been running this site for over a decade before I even thought about WordPress, and hell, FTP has always worked for me.

We will stipulate, for the sake of this excerpt, that the Library is somewhat cumbersome:

[Matt] Mullenweg admitted that it is confusing and gets difficult to manage once you have lots of images in the library. A man in the audience brought up a technical issue he had with the library. Mullenweg explained that you could actually do what the man wanted to in WordPress but stated: The software is wrong, not the people.

You will never hear a quote like that from [name of damn near any software company anywhere].

And as The Director points out:

I’ve seen too many defects called “training issues,” wherein a non-existent trainer was projected to teach users the convoluted workarounds necessary to avoid bug-infested dark corners of the application. But the motto above, the software is wrong, not the people, nails it, too.

The bug-free program, to the extent that it’s more complex than 10 PRINT “Hello world!”, does not exist. However, we poor, benighted end users hate to be told that we’re doing it wrong when it turns out that the program itself is doing it wrong.


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  1. KingShamus »

    19 July 2011 · 4:56 pm

    This is actually sorta heart-warming.

    Is it really obvious that Microsoft has hurt me over the years?

  2. The Director »

    20 July 2011 · 7:48 am

    There’s a bug in your program.

    You should have a comma after ‘Hello’ since ‘world’ is a noun of direct address.

    You see how we have gotten here, don’t you? Every training class in every language starts out with a buggy example.

  3. CGHill »

    20 July 2011 · 8:03 am

    Since it’s embedded in the string, though, it’s more of a grammatical problem.

    At least you fixed your original link to Joe Flood.

  4. canadienne »

    20 July 2011 · 11:14 pm

    Been telling people that for years, in the course of software instruction. If you feel you are too old/stupid/nervous to learn any software, it’s not you, it’s the people who wrote it (hello, Illustrator! Well actually, Illy is getting a bit friendlier) and here’s what we have to do to work around the annoyances. I’ve taught a lot of new users. Software designers design software for people with the skills and mind-set of software designers.

    Not going to make the obligatory Mac-centric remark here.

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