If you think of counting her, count her out

I have reported a couple of times about my experiences with the iTunes Genius function, which takes any given song and then generates a playlist of putatively-similar stuff. (See, for instance, what came up from Tim Curry’s “I Do the Rock.”)

Zooey Deschanel eschews this bit of artificial intelligence, and is happy to explain why:

Aside from the fact that I ENJOY making mixes, here is my practical answer: because “GENIUS” has placed, not one, but TWO gary lewis and the playboys songs on EVERY mix I have ever attempted to make using this feature — I mean gary lewis and the playboys? really? REALLY? These guys made like, one record; I have, literally, thousands of records in my itunes and somehow jerry lewis’ son’s band makes it twice onto every attempted “genius” mix. I am convinced, no matter what, “genius” will find a way to inexplicably include “just my style” and “everybody loves a clown” into all its endeavors; and that is, frankly, unacceptable.

I toyed with the idea of sending her Al Kooper’s version of “This Diamond Ring,” recast as an R&B ballad — which apparently was what Kooper, who co-wrote it, had in mind for the song originally, judging by the Jimmy Radcliffe demo, and the Sammy Ambrose single released about a week before Gary’s version — but it occurred to me that she probably already had it.



  1. Kirk »

    16 May 2011 · 11:19 am

    C’mon, Chaz. Fess up: you just wanted an excuse to correspond with Zooey Deschanel!

  2. CGHill »

    16 May 2011 · 11:36 am

    She has no reason to want to communicate with me.

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