Life imitates Disney

Yeah, right, so what else is new?

Royal Weddings then and now

I vaguely remember some slightly-different colors in the feature film, but maybe that’s just me. (Or maybe that’s just Adobe.)

(Via Nikki McLeod’s Facebook wall.)



  1. fillyjonk »

    13 May 2011 · 1:46 pm

    No, it’s not just you. Cinderella was definitely a blonde in the original production. (I don’t remember if those are the proper colors of the stepsister’s dresses. I remember one as being green but that could have been from some other retelling of the story, or from a picture in one of the big fairy tale books I had as a child.)

  2. Tatyana »

    13 May 2011 · 2:05 pm

    ahaha, I just saw it in LJ blog of a Russian who lives in Edinburgh; left by a commenter from Germany!

  3. saucybritches »

    13 May 2011 · 2:05 pm

    those colors have been changed — so it’s not AS funny. But still snicker worthy.

  4. Dan B »

    13 May 2011 · 2:13 pm

    It’s ‘Shopped.

    Here an original-color copy of the original of the top picture.

    I’m still looking for the other one.

  5. Dan B »

    13 May 2011 · 2:15 pm

    Found the other one.

  6. Tatyana »

    13 May 2011 · 2:18 pm

    It’s ‘Shopped.

    No kidd’n?!?

  7. CGHill »

    13 May 2011 · 3:19 pm

    That is, after all, the default assumption in this day and age. (Maybe I should go back and edit some of my FB pix.)

  8. fillyjonk »

    13 May 2011 · 4:11 pm

    Hah, I was right on remembering one of the dresses being green (-ish).

  9. nightfly »

    13 May 2011 · 4:24 pm

    Yeah, that didn’t look right at all. It was Prince Charming who was dark-haired and Cinderella who was blonde in the Disney film.

    Unconfirmed – adorable talking mice in Windsor Castle actually made Ms. Middleton’s gown.

  10. Tatyana »

    13 May 2011 · 4:45 pm

    nightfly – and what monster produced the concoction on Princess Beatrice’s head?

  11. McGehee »

    13 May 2011 · 5:47 pm

    Tat: when I look at that thing I can’t help thinkin’ Arby’s.

  12. Tatyana »

    13 May 2011 · 5:59 pm

    K, there are other suggestions; personally, I like the Kitty one

  13. CGHill »

    14 May 2011 · 10:58 am

    This made it all the way to Snopes somehow.

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