Should you hanker for an anchor

María Celeste Arrarás hosts a daily Telemundo program called Al Rojo Vivo, which means, more or less, “Red Hot.” It’s technically a reference to the news being covered, not the person covering it, but you couldn’t prove it by me:

María Celeste Arrarás

At eleven, she won three medals at the seventh Central American and Caribbean Swimming Championship; a case of mononucleosis kept her out of the Olympics. And that’s the 1976 Olympics; she was born in 1960. You can do the math if you like.



  1. Nicole »

    3 May 2011 · 7:42 pm

    Telemundo has some hawt ladies that’s for sure.

  2. Tatyana »

    4 May 2011 · 7:21 am

    …or, you can do the math on her cosmetic surgeries. This is not a natural face of a 50yo.

  3. CGHill »

    4 May 2011 · 7:44 am

    Plus the usual makeup and Photoshop tricks, one assumes. (In this day and age, it’s probably appropriate to assume that any portrait of this sort has undergone some form of alteration.) Not being a purist, I plan not to worry about it.

  4. Kirk »

    4 May 2011 · 8:11 am

    I sure don’t know any 50-year-old women who look like that!

  5. CGHill »

    4 May 2011 · 8:23 am

    I used to. (Now she’s 60. Might look 50 by now.)

  6. unimpressed »

    4 May 2011 · 11:57 am

    I didn’t look [the male equivalent of] this good when I was twenty. I’m a year older than she is; you may be able to imagine where I’m -not-, now. Then again, your imagination may not be that good, either.

  7. Dan B »

    4 May 2011 · 4:31 pm

    I’m thinking that the photo is from 2001-2003. She didn’t quite look like that on T30 this evening.

  8. CGHill »

    4 May 2011 · 5:24 pm

    Having once stuck a 1978 photo on Facebook, I’m not saying a word. :)

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