Andrew Ian Dodge, declared candidate for the Senate, knows he can’t just breeze into the seat — which is a shame, since the title of the current Carnival of the Vanities, the 419th, suggests that there’s a gale going on.

Far from Dodge’s perch in Maine is the Roanoke Valley of Virginia, where Lewis Gale Physicians operates a clinic on Route 419.

(Sorry to disappoint those of you who were expecting aspersions to be cast upon Nigerian scammers.)



  1. JC »

    3 May 2011 · 10:16 pm

    And here I just thought you were one short on the 420

  2. CGHill »

    3 May 2011 · 10:48 pm

    Truth be told, I thought this was the 420, and had to comb through both my archives and Mr Dodge’s to be sure.

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