Eternal Lee

Lee Remick, they say, was supposed to have been America’s answer to Brigitte Bardot. In this shot, at least, she looks the part:

Lee Remick in 1968

From No Way to Treat a Lady, 1968. I have no idea what, if anything, she was saying. But I remember her, several years later, delivering this line:

“It costs extra to carve ‘schmuck’ on a tombstone, but you would definitely be worth the expense.”

Which you can hear for yourself in The Competition (1980), in which she plays a music teacher whose protégée (Amy Irving) is entered in a major piano competition in San Francisco; the barb is directed at the conductor, and it leaves no doubt that the two of them had some sort of a Past together.

Further: John Greco remembers Lee Remick at Twenty Four Frames.



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