Maybe he likes it here

Kendrick Perkins, who reportedly wept at being told he was being traded by the Celtics to the Thunder, has now signed a contract extension with Oklahoma City.

This, mind you, before he’s ever played a single game in the Big Breezy. (He’s expected to be out for a couple of weeks with a knee injury; Thunder medical staff, who set the league standard for “finicky” — they once sent back Tyson Chandler for toe jam, or something along those lines — have apparently given him a clean bill of health once the knee clears up.) So Perk knew what he wanted: a place on a contender, at a price higher than Boston, mired in luxury-tax land, would be able to pay. Said price was not disclosed, in accordance with all the unwritten laws, but $34 million over four years seems to be the magic number; Perk had declined a $22-million extension from the Celtics. For a big man with plenty of good years left in him, this still sounds like a bargain.



  1. fillyjonk »

    1 March 2011 · 10:43 am

    I’m glad academia doesn’t work like pro sports. It would suck to get all nicely ensconced with teaching and research just to be told, “Oh, hey, we’re trading you to Minnesota for two assistant profs and an adjunct to be named later.”

    Of course, a multimillion dollar salary MIGHT make that situation more tolerable, I don’t know.

  2. CGHill »

    1 March 2011 · 10:57 am

    Which makes me wonder if this ever has actually happened. (On the other hand, a salary of seven or eight digits would make me feel better.)

  3. fillyjonk »

    1 March 2011 · 12:07 pm

    Heck, a salary even in the low 6’s would make me feel better.

    though I’m still not sure I’d move to somewhere like California or New York for that.

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