Quick-fried to a crackly crunch

A man sacrifices his life for the right to volts:

An Indianapolis man was killed Thursday morning after being electrocuted. Metro Police say he was trying to steal copper wiring from a rooftop transformer.

According to police, Jeffrey Reynolds, 31, was electrocuted while he was stealing copper wire from the roof of Circle City Industrial Complex, an industrial building on Massachusetts Avenue near downtown.

A 220 line, this isn’t. WTF was he thinking?

“He lost his job and didn’t have nothing, found out he had a baby on the way. He was trying to provide like any other … father would have done,” said Penny McGowan, the victim’s aunt.

I think we can safely call this “impaired judgment,” though I find Roberta X’s summation more to the point:

I guess if I was truly soft-hearted I’d feel bad for him but sheesh: say Hi to Mr. Darwin for me!

And both you and I know dads in a bad way who still wouldn’t try to steal stuff.

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  1. Jeffro »

    19 February 2011 · 7:04 pm

    I saw my father in some pretty trying circumstances – like when we watched his wheat crop being hailed to a pulp, but I just don’t remember the part where he decided it was time to start stealing to make up for the loss.

  2. Fishersville Mile »

    21 February 2011 · 10:09 am

    Why you’re going to work this Monday…

    So you don’t end up like this guy featured on Dustbury…

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