From the How Could I Not? files

First, there’s the name: Abi Titmuss. Just made for Rule 5. She turns 35 today; over the years, she’s been a nurse, a glamour model, a television presenter, and an actress, though maybe not a baker:

Abi Titmuss at the oven

Oh, by the way, it’s short for “Abigail.” And I’m throwing in this quote from her official blog:

I play a lesbian home wrecker who dabbles with the ouija board.. typecast again!!

I am so not going there.



  1. Dick Stanley »

    9 February 2011 · 2:51 am

    The oven obviously is not on or the pink shoe would be puddling.

  2. Tatyana »

    9 February 2011 · 6:23 am

    1. pink shoe is obviously a size (or even two) bigger than needed
    2. only an idiot sifts powdered sugar into a baking pan. a double idiot sifts it while the baking pan is inside the oven
    3. I can’t imagine any lesbian who dreams of a dumb blonde. Let alone being one.

  3. LeeAnn »

    9 February 2011 · 7:38 am

    I want those shoes. Want. I do not bake, but I need those shoes nonetheless.
    And most men out there are saying “Shoes? What shoes?”
    Yes, I am prone to “sexist” comments this early in the day.

  4. Joe »

    9 February 2011 · 11:13 am


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