If I knew what she wants

The aforementioned granddaughter will be wicked cute, of course — all my descendants, for some reason, are substantially better-looking than I am, which I assume is a genetic present from my ex-wife — but it will be at least 18 21 25 [oh, never mind] years before she’s ready for anything Rule 5-ish, and I’d be squeamish about it anyway.

So we bring up someone else with eye appeal born on the 17th of January, and not the obvious (from this vantage point, anyway) someone else, either. You’re looking at a section of the cover of the Bangles’ 1984 album All Over the Place, a year before they started getting major hits; the lady in the flimsy chair is the then-25-year-old Susanna Hoffs.

Susanna Hoffs circa 1984

Which means she’s 52 on this particular manic Monday. Seems impossible, doesn’t it?



  1. Lemon Stand »

    17 January 2011 · 9:04 pm

    52 is not ancient you know! (says a 45 year old) :)

  2. CGHill »

    17 January 2011 · 9:17 pm

    I define “ancient” as “six months younger than I am,” which was rather absurd when I was in my thirties. Now that I’m pushing 60, I can (almost) get away with it.

  3. Kirk »

    18 January 2011 · 10:59 am

    Noting that it will be an unknown number of years, in excess of 25, before anything rule 5-ish would apply to your new arrival, one hopes you will have given up this blog before then. :)


  4. CGHill »

    18 January 2011 · 11:18 am

    By 2036, even my mortgage will be gone. (I will be very surprised if I survive that long. Then again, at the moment I will be very surprised if I survive this afternoon.)

  5. Dan B »

    18 January 2011 · 4:52 pm

    Chaz gives up his blog when they pry it from his cold dead fingers, or at least separate aforementioned fingers from the keyboard.

  6. CGHill »

    18 January 2011 · 6:36 pm

    Which reminds me: I need to leave something in the will (assuming there’s something to leave) to cover the domain and hosting package for a few decades.

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    23 January 2011 · 8:42 pm

    [...] with Amber Heard and Anne Hathaway. Not to be outdone in the vintage department, Dustbury gives us Susanna Hoffs of the Bangles.Appropriately enough, Boom3 brings us international femmes fatales Gwen Cooper and Xun Zhou. One [...]

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