Not exactly stocking stuffers

At least, it doesn’t appear that hosiery is a factor in this photograph.

Still, Jessica and Lisa Origliasso, hereinafter referred to, slightly inaccurately, as The Veronicas, have impeccable Christmas credentials, having been born on the 25th of December. (If you must: 1984.)

Jessica and Lisa Origiliasso

No, I don’t know which is which. (For awhile, Jessica went blonde, but that’s no help here.)

While the visuals are undoubtedly a major part of the package here, I admit to a certain fondness for some of their tunes. (“Untouched” proved to be a medium-level earworm for yours truly, before I’d ever actually set eyes on them.) Of course, what sealed the deal was the name:

Christian Slater: Greetings and salutations… you a Heather?
Winona Ryder: No, I’m a Veronica…

Of course, since we’re all about equal time around here, here’s a couple of Heathers (Ellie and Louise).


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