Far beyond Shelbyville

Oh, my, another Cobra clone. Except that it’s not really a clone: the Iconic AC Roadster is so-called because the current version of AC Cars, which built the original Cobras way back when, is a partner in this particular venture.

What’s more, that’s a Ford 427 in there, albeit heavily massaged: we’re talking 800 hp and 660 lb-ft of torque. Redline is a majestic 7600 rpm. And no, no blowers.

Still, what caught my eye about this, courtesy of the January issue of Automobile, is the car’s complete and utter lack of a conventional wiring harness. Iconic has something called the Virtual Electrical Electronic Device Interface Management System, which squeezes down into VEEDIMS, and which Iconic’s tech chief Jerry Seward describes as “a production-ready Ethernet wiring solution for multiple industries.” It does not, you may be sure, use Cat5 cabling. (You can get a look at it here.) Anybody who’s ever had to fiddle with a wiring harness will be happy to see VEEDIMS come into general use.

For now, though, it can be had only in Iconic’s not-a-Cobra-clone, which will cost you somewhere in the vicinity of half a million bucks once deliveries start after the first of the year. If this sounds like a lot, well, it’s about a third what you’d pay for one of Carroll Shelby’s original monsters.



  1. Jeffro »

    8 December 2010 · 7:35 pm

    I remember reading about how harnesses in the future would have less wires because they would become “shared” – where multiple signals would be sent down a single wire, but there would have to be something that coded the signal on one end and a decoder on the other to distinguish brake lights from the fuel level sender, for instance. The video didn’t elaborate on how it works, but I’m assuming that is the operating principle of this system?

  2. CGHill »

    8 December 2010 · 8:06 pm

    That would work, I think, but if it’s as Ethernet-ish as they say, I suspect that the first series of bits is going to be a device address of some sort.

  3. Scott »

    9 December 2010 · 11:31 am

    IMMEDIATE LUST. That right there would be the only car I want to buy.

    They go so far as to say VEEDIMS is using IP which is another layer up the stack from Ethernet, so…my gas cap is going to have an IP address! The connectors look like some of the industrial boxes I’ve worked on. I don’t see how it reduces the number of wires, though I can see how it might reduce complexity of them.

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