As long as I’m whining

A couple of posts ago, I made some noise about 26-year-old women and how I couldn’t possibly be on their radar. There are, of course, very good reasons for that, and anyway Creepy Old Guy Mode is not really what I aspire to.

Just the same, I’m going to torture myself with a visual:

Mandy Moore on the Tonight Show

This is singer/actress Mandy Moore, born in, yes, 1984. (Judging by the Tonight Show set, this is a 2008 screen shot.) I have a duplicate of this file in C:\NOWAY\NOTEVER.



  1. YankeePhil »

    5 December 2010 · 10:21 am

    Some Linkage

  2. Rule 5 Sunday : The Other McCain »

    12 December 2010 · 7:34 pm

    […] in a classic mode last week, and so offers us a Ginger Rogers interlude.Finally, from Dustbury come Mandy Moore, Sara Bareilles, Bo Derek, and a trio of cable news babes.That’s it for this week, and thanks […]

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