Admiral Mausbar is observant

I’d caught a fleeting glimpse of him now and then, but never enough to be sure I was seeing what I was seeing, though the circumstantial evidence was sufficiently strong. (As Trini once discovered to her discomfiture, mice will in fact go on your mouse pad.)

Then I withdrew a temporary trash bag from the box I was using for support, and visual confirmation was immediate, albeit short-lived: the furry little sumbitch held on just long enough for me to see him, and then performed a half-gainer to propel himself behind the nearest article of furniture. I marveled at his gymnastic ability, and then vowed revenge.

Traditionalist that I am, I had a couple of standard spring-loaded traps on hand; I tested one, found it presumably satisfactory, loaded it with a dollop of Jif, placed it near one of his favorite haunts, and went to bed.

Next morning, I found the trap, untripped, three and a half feet away from where I’d parked it, and the bait cleaned away with considerable efficiency. Hardware malfunction? I poked it with a Bic pen, and SNAP!

I’m starting to think that meeces (whom I hate to pieces) have evolved to the point where they’re too smart for these primitive attacks on their, um, person.



  1. fillyjonk »

    1 December 2010 · 8:21 am

    It’s been my experience that they can now defeat snap-traps as well.

  2. Keith »

    1 December 2010 · 10:55 am

    A cat can take care of that problem. Time to call “Rent a Mouser”.

  3. Dick Stanley »

    1 December 2010 · 11:18 am

    Poison is good, if you don’t mind the smell when they crawl into the between walls and die. Only lasts a week or so.

  4. nightfly »

    1 December 2010 · 12:30 pm

    Another option – get a trap that forces them into an enclosed space for their goodies, and then snaps them up. I got some from the local Lowe’s, I forget the brand, but they look like quarter-wedges of white cheese, stood on one flat side. The idea is that they have to enter the wedge to get the bait on the far wall, and then WHUMP. It worked on our problem – six up, six down. (Though I have no doubt that the Official Dog would have taken care of any such critter foolish enough to wander in the open. She’s got the heart of a hunter, that one.)

  5. Tatyana »

    1 December 2010 · 1:10 pm

    when you going to browse the options @Rent-s-Mouser, look for a Maine Coon
    No-nonsense professionals!

  6. dan »

    1 December 2010 · 1:21 pm

    No, no — try again with the traps using Ye Olde Standbye Baite: Cheese. I just had a go-round with Mickey the Mouse in my garage. Tried peanut butter in four spring-loaded traps scattered about on Monday — with the same results you had. He licked that PB right out from all four trap triggers. Meese must have very talented tongues.

    But I replaced it with a lovely bit of Cheddar-Jack cheese jammed into the metal triggers there yesterday afternoon, and found Mickey nicely snapped under the trap this morning.

    He must have had to work the trigger harder to get at the cheese, and that sealed the deal for him.

  7. Guy S »

    1 December 2010 · 9:39 pm

    We have a “Rat Zapper Classic”, which you can pick up here. Don’t know how it will work for you, but we got a couple of field mice, and two ground squirrels (chipmunks) who were nesting in the wall off the living room.

  8. Deborah »

    1 December 2010 · 9:57 pm

    I read a tip recently that suggested placing the trap inside a brown paper bag (the large grocery store variety—if you can beg one from of the checker/bagger). Place the spring trap’s baited end all the way into the corner, so the mouse has to approach it from the side. This seems to work very well, regardless of the bait used, and then you can fold up the bag, trap, and dead mouse—and toss the whole thing in the trash can.

    Frugal people can save the trap for use again, but how nice, and relatively sanitary to just chuck the mess.

  9. CGHill »

    3 February 2011 · 6:59 am

    Well, I figured him out. Apparently he likes to hide in the wastebasket in the office. So I rigged up a partition system whereby he could climb in, but there’d be a trap waiting for him at the bottom, by which time gravity would have done the dirty work for me.

    And that worked.

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