When the very ground shakes

Yesterday’s earthquake rattled my office a bit, though I assumed it was someone doing the Heavy Machinery Hokey-Pokey one or two doors down; the eventual news alert contained the truth of the matter, along with the number everyone wanted to hear: 4.5. For Oklahoma, that’s one heck of a temblor.

And then it wasn’t 4.5 anymore, but 5.1. I opined at the shop that maybe this was due to folks emigrating from California; like Tom Joad in reverse, they brought everything they could, including a fault line or two.

But I couldn’t remember a five-point-anything here in Soonerland, and apparently I was right: the majorest major quake in the state struck in 1952, a time at which I hadn’t even been thought of. (Amateur grammarians are welcome to reword that in such a way as to avoid ending the sentence with a preposition.) I remember a larger quake from a brief stay in California, mostly because of where I was when it started: standing next to a two-story plate-glass window. Such things tend to stick in the mind.

Update: Back to a 4.7.



  1. Andrea Harris »

    14 October 2010 · 9:19 am

    I should have thought you’d link to this song.

  2. CGHill »

    14 October 2010 · 10:49 am

    Different, um, inspiration.

  3. Mel »

    15 October 2010 · 12:30 am

    If the State is a rockin’
    don’t bother knockin’

    If the State is a rockin’
    don’t bother knockin’ …

    I admit, this was just wrong.

  4. diamond dave »

    15 October 2010 · 7:11 pm

    Very interesting. We’ve been having a rash of small earthquakes lately here in central Arkansas, just one state to the right of you (geographically). Drilling or the Second Coming?

  5. CGHill »

    15 October 2010 · 7:29 pm

    Inasmuch as no unholy creatures have yet leapt out of the ground, I’m going with “drilling.”

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