Insignificant other

I don’t know about the rest of you, but were I to stumble across someone who writes like I do, I’d probably be terrified:

Do your partner’s love letters to you sound suspiciously like the ones you pen? Don’t call the plagiarism police: You two may just be very happy together.

A new study finds that people match each other’s language styles more during happier periods of their relationship. Even famous poets who were married exhibited this effect in their poetry, the study found.

Actually, that’s not the scary part. This is:

The researchers are now investigating whether language style matching during everyday conversation can predict the beginning and end of romantic relationships. If the method works, the researchers said, it could be a quick way to judge whether any two people, whether romantically involved or not, are likely to work in harmony.

My most common method of avoiding breakup, of course, is making sure that nothing starts. I’m reasonably competent at that, though not to the extent that I could give advice on the subject. I have, of course, given advice on how to blog this way, but I suspect that’s a lower priority for most people, and if it isn’t, they probably shouldn’t be looking for partners.

(Via the Instant Man.)



  1. sya »

    8 October 2010 · 6:30 pm

    I’d initially be more annoyed than terrified. Because, dangit, I thought my writing style was unique.

  2. Fishersville Mike: Blogging 101 »

    10 October 2010 · 1:55 pm

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  3. fillyjonk »

    10 October 2010 · 4:53 pm

    I see a commercial opportunity here. Forget e-Harmony,, all those others. I’m going to start a dating site called ScrawledPartners and simply require everyone to submit a sample of their honest, for true, prose (I will make no guarantees for people who plagiarize, or who have a Cyrano-like figure to write their submission for them).

    Then I will simply use some kind of algorithm – rather like what Turnitin uses to determine “level of similarity” in student papers – to match people based on their writing.

    That said, I’m probably not the best “public face” for a dating site…maybe I need to hire some Happily Married to serve the Neil Clark Warren role for advertising purposes…

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