The left stuff

KingShamus argues (over at Juliette’s) that Robert Gibbs’ most relevant qualification for head of the Democratic National Committee is that he’s never done anything like that before:

You gotta wonder what Bob Gibbs has done that makes anybody think he’s ready to shake down Democrat-leaning donors for big money donations. I had no idea making unfunny patronizing digs at members of the White House press corps could snag you an executive job at one of the two major US political parties. Unless looking and acting like your least favorite high school algebra teacher is somehow a prerequisite for the job, homeboy really doesn’t have much going for him.

Then again, he’s the New Guy, and Democrats, KS asserts, are obsessed with the New Guy:

There were probably more qualified candidates running for the Democrat Party presidential nomination of 1960. Somehow the Democrats managed to nominate a noob Senator named John Kennedy. Nearly any Democrat could’ve been CEO of America in the 1976 election. Who did the Dems pick? A relative unknown southern dude named Jimmy Carter. Before being the mack daddy of the Oval Office Intern Bang Competition, Bill Clinton was ‘The Man From Hope’, a charismatic Baby Boomer governor who hadn’t made a name for himself outside of the parochial world of Arkansas politics.

This isn’t, of course, the way the GOP does it:

This is all about entitlement, and the “we did our grunt work, we served our time in the field, now reward us” nonsense that keeps getting damaged Republican candidates their party’s nominations, because “it’s his turn” and “his guys” have taken control of the party’s city, county, and state operations center.

On balance, this may be an advantage to the Democrats, on the off-chance that New Kid on the Block actually hangs tough — or at least that he doesn’t have a paper trail. (In the case of the latter, see Obama, Barack H. If you can.)


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