Bordering on busy

This weekend has proved to be somewhat less unproductive than I had anticipated: not only did I finish off my tax returns, I got the car washed, the kitchen restocked, a new mix CD assembled, two blogs (not this one) updated to WordPress 2.1, and three loads of laundry done.

In other words, I did just about everything but, um, post.



  1. jau »

    5 February 2007 · 1:55 pm

    You have two OTHER blogs??????? Name them, s’il vous plait.

  2. CGHill »

    5 February 2007 · 2:50 pm

    They run a lot less traffic than over here; they’re extremely specialized, so I figured they’d be better off on their own.

    Descriptions as they appear on Technorati: How not to make a mix CD, in dozens of lessons. The possibility of invisibility, and not in the purely-metaphorical sense.

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