The Days continue frabjously

And on the third Day, we find: a wedding dress.

This is Laraine Day, who played Nurse Mary Lamont in a bunch of Dr. Kildare pictures, and eventually found herself ill, in a sense: she was sick of the role. The producers decided to let her marry the good doctor (in Dr. Kildare’s Wedding Day), and then perish tragically.

A couple years later — we’re now up to 1944 — Day found herself in this little romcom called Bride By Mistake, which seems to be a reboot of 1934’s The Richest Girl in the World, minus the Titanic references. She does seem a bit perplexed here:

Laraine Day in Bride By Mistake

This particular still was spotted at Doctor Macro’s, along with a nice synopsis of whatever plot was to be found in this film.



  1. LeeAnn »

    25 September 2010 · 8:02 am

    Speaking of wasted days, (well, I know none of these ladies were wasted but who am I to pass up a chance to use a choice, albeit cliched, phrase? Me, that’s who. Whom. Anyway.) I spent at least a half hour yesterday trying to explain to a coworker exactly who Felicia Day (of your previous Day post) was. To no avail, I might add. Not even her guest turn on the mainstream “House” could perk the pot of recognition.
    I took it not as defeat, but as a chance to polish my “I know something you don’t know” neener neener button.

  2. Tatyana »

    25 September 2010 · 8:42 am

    Ah, satin is a dangerous fabric – suits only those with perfect figure…or an expensive corsetmaker.
    But look at that right leg’ curve. Swan’s neck should be ashamed.

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