Same M.O. and everything

“Terrorism on four hooves,” says Robert Stacy McCain of the attack on his vehicle by a cervine villain late Sunday night. “The deer hate us for our Korean sedans.”

Regular readers of this space will remember that one of said four-footed fiends took out an American sedan with a Japanese nameplate four years ago. And after looking at the damage photos, I think we can make a pretty good case that the farging deer are indeed conspiring against us:

Two wrecks with but a single angle

At left, my 2000 Mazda 626, turned into a heap of slag in the summer of 2006; at right, McCain’s 2004 Kia Optima, undergoing mirror-image slagification in 2010.

Same angle of approach, same age of vehicle, same amount of damage — call it $6000, and call it totaled. The only difference is that McCain’s buggy was rendered KIA, as it were, by a buck; ’twas a doe that did mine in. (The women never did like me.)


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  1. Mel »

    7 September 2010 · 9:37 pm

    This is what gets me when people whine about hunters shooting those “poor defenseless deer”.

    Defenseless? Really?

    Any animal the size of a deer that can take out a 3,000 pound automobile cannot legitimately be called “defenseless”. Hell, I’d call it “middle linebacker”.

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