Second-best historical marker ever

Reported to be “on the outside wall of a gas station” in Pennsylvania’s Laurel Highlands:

Historical marker of sorts

(Via Oddly Specific. The best historical marker ever is here.)

Addendum: You might like this one even better.



  1. fillyjonk »

    23 August 2010 · 2:00 pm

    Actually, I seem to remember seeing those for sale in a catalog somewhere. (Probably one of the Signals/Wireless/Acorn family). So, you could have your very own “nothing happened here” marker.

  2. CGHill »

    23 August 2010 · 3:05 pm

    I’m contemplating having a plaque made for the house, something along the lines of Surlywood — MCMXLVIII. (I did have one done for the house number, but it seems a lot better aligned than that.)

  3. ak4mc »

    23 August 2010 · 8:57 pm

    There’s a place near Santa Cruz, CA that had a plaque like that — but I saw the place after it had been repaired following an El Niño-spawned coastal tempest that sent waves into the dining room.

    So under the “nothing happened” plaque was another giving the date of the flooding and the statement, “…everything happened.”

  4. CT »

    24 August 2010 · 7:19 am

    These “nothing happened” plaques were sorta common in the Northeast several years back. I believe they were a reaction to over-application of historic-landmark designations: George Washington slept in a *lot* of places in PA…

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