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Martha O’Driscoll, a Tulsa lass born in 1922, might be remembered for playing Daisy Mae in the 1940 film of L’il Abner, in which she didn’t dress like this:

Martha O'Driscoll

So far as I can tell, this still is connected with House of Dracula (1945), in which she plays Miliza Morrelle, assistant to the not-at-all-mad Dr. Franz Edelmann, sought out by both the Count and Larry “Wolf Man” Talbot, seeking cures for their respective, um, distinguishing characteristics. (If I remember correctly, it’s Talbot who gets the girl in the end.)

Philanthropic note: O’Driscoll left show biz in 1947 to marry Arthur Appleton, Florida-based breeder of thoroughbred horses and collector of art; in 1987 they built and endowed the Appleton Museum of Art in Ocala, now operated
by the College of Central Florida.


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