When Quinn the Governor gets here

Everybody’s gonna want to move:

Illinois, which is in its worst financial position ever, will raise the income-tax rate in January to address its deficit, Governor Pat Quinn’s budget director said.

Lawmakers will likely increase the personal tax to 5 percent from 3 percent, generating $6 billion of new revenue, the budget director, David Vaught, said in an interview.

This will probably be billed as a two-percent increase. It isn’t.

Perhaps they can blame this on Deficit Inattention Disorder:

The legislature failed to address the deficit this year because of the pending November election, [Vaught] said.

Obviously they have their priorities in order.

(Via E. M. Zanotti.)



  1. View From The Porch »

    30 July 2010 · 11:26 am

    QotD: “Wish I’d Said That” Edition….

    I haven’t heard one that good since “Electile Dysfunction”…

  2. Jeff Brokaw »

    30 July 2010 · 12:57 pm

    There are no words to describe how annoyed I am by this whole situation in Illinois government today.

    Oh, wait … yes there are.

  3. Montie »

    30 July 2010 · 3:38 pm

    …And if indeed they want to move, let’s just hope they choose someplace besides Oklahoma.

  4. SurvivalBlog »

    31 July 2010 · 10:27 pm

    Economics and Investing…

    Do you recall my prediction of higher taxes–perhaps in some desperate and creative ways–to make up for state budget shortfalls?…

  5. Freakin Okies »

    1 August 2010 · 6:55 am

    “Let’s hope they choose someplace besides Oklahoma.”

    What? Okies didn’t have any problem choosing to move elsewhere during the dust bowl. You were a bunch of poor dirt farmers relocating en masse to Cali, and then you all did it again in the 60’s to collect California welfare with your dirty mattresses tied to the roofs of your jalopies. I remember HORDES of dilapitated cars crammed full of clothes and dirty faced children with Oklahoma plates streaming into California.

  6. CGHill »

    1 August 2010 · 10:25 am

    Shoulda been here in the Seventies, when evacuees from the country formerly known as South Vietnam landed right here on 23rd Street and remade an ignored section of town into something actually sort of vital.

    People do vote with their feet, sometimes with aerial assist. I don’t expect any mass exodus from Illinois, but I figure if they wind up here, that’s fine.

    (I did my own version of Tom Joad in 1988. I was back here before too awfully long.)

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