No sign of grade inflation, anyway

Something called has assigned letter ratings based on reader opinion to the 535 members of Congress, and I haven’t quite decided what I think of this. Surely at least 291 deserve an F, maybe more, but F is an awfully broad score: it’s hard to tell the difference between #247 Ben Chandler (D-KY 6) and #531 Henry Waxman (D-CA 30).

Only two As were handed out by the readership. Oklahoma’s seven-member delegation rates as follows: #60 Jim Inhofe, B-plus; #79 Tom Coburn, B; #113 Frank Lucas, B-minus; #115 Mary Fallin, B-minus; #155 Tom Cole, C-plus; #163 John Sullivan, C; #210 Dan Boren, D.

I looked more closely at Boren’s rating, since he’s the only Democrat on board from this state. Democrats rate him more highly than do Republicans or Independents, but not much more. Most of the individual comments are, as you might expect, blather — as is this, I suppose.

(Suggested by Smitty, albeit obliquely.)



  1. fillyjonk »

    10 July 2010 · 6:54 am

    Well, you know, there’s a college in Canada that’s begun assigning two types of Fs. One is an F that means “they just can’t hack the class, they failed” and the other is something like an FD, meaning, “They failed because they cheated.”

    Perhaps that would help break things down?

  2. Jennifer »

    10 July 2010 · 12:25 pm

    I dunno. There’s something more than a little dubious about the GOP’s overwhelmingly top-heavy ratings in this particularly site’s grading curve. Especially when, now that the site has gotten some coverage, the “biggest fallers” are all Republicans. Including our own Shelley Moore Capito, who is hot and heavy in the news re: Byrd’s seat.

  3. CGHill »

    10 July 2010 · 12:32 pm

    Not to mention the fact that rather a lot of people who got poor grades on this site are going to be reelected anyway, which suggests that somebody must like them.

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