You still have zombies on your lawn

You already know the song; what you didn’t expect — what I didn’t expect, anyway — is a live version by the composer herself.

Production values are just about nil, but who cares? This is still the catchiest song of the week.

(From Kotaku via Blog Oklahoma.)



  1. fillyjonk »

    25 June 2010 · 1:00 pm

    Maybe “lawn zombies” will be the next craze, a la those pink flamingo things.

    I could see them being big around Halloween.

  2. Kay Dennison »

    25 June 2010 · 1:53 pm

    I love it!!!!!!

  3. Bill Peschel »

    25 June 2010 · 2:18 pm

    God, that cracked me up!

  4. Steve Lackmeyer »

    25 June 2010 · 6:58 pm

    This is why I go to Dustbury everyday – BEFORE I visit NYT, Drudge or even NewsOK

  5. The Adventures of Roberta X »

    26 June 2010 · 10:32 pm

    I Want The MP3…

    Gilbert & Sullivan, eat your hearts out — unless the zombies already have…

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