Tech avoidance

If you’re overly sensitive to Andy Rooney-type musings, please engage your filter now. Otherwise, proceed as follows:

Have you ever noticed that the folks who see Bigfoot, or spaceships, or the Loch Ness Monster, are never the folks with cameras in their cell phones? The Sasquatch never wanders anywhere near the research biologist who’s hiking through the woods with the high-rez digital camera with zoom lens. He always wanders into the rural backyard of the self-proclaimed ‘mountain man’.

Could it possibly be that these seemingly-other-worldly critters, stories of which go back many, many years, have evolved a sensitivity to our own species’ technological goodies, and have learned to avoid them?

Well, I don’t know. It just seems a kinder interpretation than “BoJo’s been hittin’ the ‘shine again.”



  1. sya »

    21 June 2010 · 7:27 pm

    What if the high-rez digital camera with zoom lens was the size of a contact lens? I’d be very much impressed if Bigfoot could sense that.

  2. Lisa Paul »

    21 June 2010 · 7:32 pm

    I think this is proof positive that these creatures exist, they are Extra-Terrestrial and they sport highly-developed technology and sensors.

    Plus you forgot to mention Chupacabra. He does exist, you know. I’ve heard him. And not when I’ve been sampling too much of the old Vino.

  3. fillyjonk »

    22 June 2010 · 7:11 am

    I suspect there’s also some pretty strong pressure on the researcher-types NOT to report things they think they saw if they thought they saw them.

    I knew someone who was a “serious” researcher, but who lost a lot of credibility with some of his colleagues when he actually joined a Bigfoot hunting expedition.

    I dunno. If I saw some big hairy brown thing in the woods, I’d probably assume it was a bear. Or a guy dressed up playing some kind of a prank. I wonder if Occam’s Razor has something to do with the phenomenon you described.

  4. MorningGlory »

    22 June 2010 · 9:03 am

    Thanks for the link…you guys have some interesting theories. Occam’s Razor. Good one!

  5. Lisa Paul »

    22 June 2010 · 11:47 am

    In other words, if you hear hoofbeats, think horses not zebras? Or Centaurs and Unicorns. Although they exist, too.

  6. Fishersville Mike »

    25 June 2010 · 7:22 pm

    Answer to life’s great mysteries…

    Dustbury tells why there’s no high-res pictures of Bigfoot and his friends…

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