1. ak4mc »

    16 May 2010 · 8:23 pm

    After playing that video, with my computer’s sound at its normal level, I have just one thing to say (and it should be in a giant font size but I don’t think your comment system allows that):


  2. CGHill »

    16 May 2010 · 8:30 pm

    Yeah, that’s easy for you to say.

  3. Jeffro »

    16 May 2010 · 9:20 pm

    Now imagine you have a quarter of wheat sitting out in that mess. There’s ya some shock and awe – kiss any farm income bye bye right then and there.

  4. CGHill »

    16 May 2010 · 10:48 pm

    And, well, there’s this.

  5. fillyjonk »

    17 May 2010 · 8:14 am

    I admit to having watched Gary England on News 9 with a slight bit of schadenfreude. (Live weather coverage is far more interesting than golf, IMHO).

    It stayed totally dry down here in my neck of the woods. It clouded up badly a few times, and I guess Ada had some storms, but that was the closest they got.

  6. CGHill »

    17 May 2010 · 8:22 am

    This was primarily a northside-OKC phenomenon. The weather station at Will Rogers airport, on the south side, recorded a trivial 0.01 inch of precipitation for the day; meanwhile, we were getting nearly an inch in barely 20 minutes. (Official total at Wiley Post airport, on the northwest side, was 0.96.)

  7. ak4mc »

    17 May 2010 · 8:35 am


  8. kent »

    18 May 2010 · 12:00 pm

    heres a link to a wicked vid of the hail storm in okc talk about dancing waters…..

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