Things I learned today (31)

We haven’t had one of these in a while. Have I learned nothing in all this time? You make the call.

  • Grape-Nuts are made from grain. Beer is made from grain. The next step should be obvious.
  • There is no need to place an exclamation point after “Meh”.
  • Finally, the inherent imbalance of the theater is addressed: one performer, one audience member.
  • “Branding can help a reputation, but it can’t make one.”
  • It’s not detention in the library; it’s reflection in the media center.
  • Ah, now we see the racism inherent in the chocolate-chip cookie.
  • How do you move your Virtual Console games from one Wii to another? You don’t.
  • Getting the least bang for your tuition buck.
  • It’s a dog, not a fashion accessory.
  • Scientists as politicians? Not a great idea.
  • So a 28-inch waist now qualifies one as “plus-sized”?
  • “Poor Floridians. Tons of filthy toxic poison sludge threatening to stink up their state.” And then there’s the Gulf oil spill.

More eventually, by which I mean “Maybe not ten months next time.”


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  1. ak4mc »

    16 May 2010 · 8:12 pm

    Re your item #6, I’ll simply reiterate what I already said here.

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