The grain, insane; treads mainly on the brain

There’s a zombie on your lawn, and the nearest sunflower is somewhere in deepest Kansas. What steps do you take?

Answer: Doesn’t matter, so long as you’re wearing these:

Psychobilly Zombie Stomper Platforms

These are the Psychobilly “Zombie Stomper” platforms from Iron Fist, which despite their meaty appearance are described as “vegan.” (Must be the rather green, um, fleshtones.) Cheap and silly, not necessarily in that order; I would love to see E. M. Zanotti in these.



  1. Mike Pechar »

    30 April 2010 · 12:32 am

    Those legs shouldn’t be used to highlight shoes.

  2. unimpressed »

    30 April 2010 · 3:43 am

    I agree.

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