Zooeypalooza 2!

Just in case you thought I was through with this whole idea:

Zooeypalooza 2!

Same rules as before: we’ve shrunk the photos into this single graphic for the front page, but clicking on any of them will induce rebigulation.



  1. Jeffro »

    10 April 2010 · 6:22 pm

    Ahh, I see the renowned wordsmith has forged a new and highly useful word!
    I like!

  2. CGHill »

    10 April 2010 · 6:40 pm

    I claim no credit for that word, which apparently traces back to a Simpsons Treehouse of Horror in which a tiny-sized Frinkalike puts Lisa through a shrink ray, which he calls a “debigulator.” Lisa suggests a reversal device, the very idea of which amuses Frinkette:

    Unshrink you? Well, that would require some sort of a re-bigulator, which is a concept so ridiculous it makes me want to laugh out loud and chortle, and…

    At which point he remembers that Lisa is his world’s deity, and he backpedals a bit.

  3. narciso »

    10 April 2010 · 11:14 pm

    It’s a perfectly promulent word, and she was the only good thing about Hitchhiker’s Guide,

  4. Mark Alger »

    11 April 2010 · 7:10 am

    It’s really unfair to her sister, Emily, who suffers by comparison.


  5. CGHill »

    11 April 2010 · 11:03 am

    Emily doesn’t seem to draw quite the same drooling-fanboy response, but yes, she’s quite lovely in her own right. (I put up a shot of both of them last summer.)

  6. Katy Perry Trouble (with Reform) »

    13 April 2010 · 12:21 pm

    […] Republican women   Anne Hathaway   Zooeypalooza 2! […]

  7. Mike Pechar »

    13 April 2010 · 5:54 pm

    Nothing sitting, nothing prone, nothing supine. She’s a standup girl.

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