Outfoxing ourselves

Stephen W. Browne finds himself perplexed by Megan D. Fox:

It was almost heartbreaking to think of her public persona as a slutty, bull-busting, bi-rhymes-with-witch.

And then she went and told the press, on the occasion of her engagement (is it official?) that she’s only slept with two men in her life, her first boyfriend and her fiancee, and couldn’t think of sleeping with someone she didn’t love.

No, it’s not that he was hoping she was slutty:

[W]e used to have female Hollywood stars who projected purity in public to protect their careers, and had sometimes perverse, self-destructive, or just plain scarily weird lives in private. Now we apparently have the case of a pretty good person pretending to be all that, for career advancement. What the heck does that say about our culture now?

About as much as this does: if the comments here are at all representative, most people don’t believe she’s really squeaky-clean. [Expect that link to melt your workplace filters.]

Meanwhile, here’s a moderately-modest shot of Megan in a Martin Grant dress, accepting some award or other from Spike TV last fall:

Megan Fox at Scream Awards

(Previous Megan Fox coverage here.)



  1. Jeff Brokaw »

    7 April 2010 · 2:36 pm

    Even if Megan Fox isn’t being fully honest about her past, there are probably others who do fit that mold of pretending to be more of a party girl than they really are.

    So the point remains: it’s cooler for a celebrity to be slutty than to be chaste.

    Boy, that whole equality thing is really working out well, isn’t it!

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