Thunder and/or lightning

When Thora Birch was a tween, she appeared in typical tween fare like Monkey Trouble, in which she looked something like this:

Thora Birch, 1994

At the time, I was not inclined to extrapolate from the available data. Add a decade and change, though:

Thora Birch, 21st century

She turned twenty-eight on Thursday. And “Thora,” apparently, is the feminine form of “Thor.” Yeah, that Thor. Do not mess with this young woman.



  1. PubbyPab »

    15 March 2010 · 1:53 pm

    “I was not inclined to extrapolate from the available data.”

    Beautiful application of that phrase. I’m going to use that in future for sure.

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  3. codefogey »

    28 March 2010 · 11:08 am

    She *is* the daughter of Carol Connors – “The Nurse” of _Deep_Throat_ fame…

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