Hey there, Gorky girl

Maybe it’s just me, but each year the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue seems just a (simulated wayward) hair less inspired than its predecessor, and I think it’s just that the young ladies sporting the suits, or semblances thereof, are just freaking bored with the whole concept.

The one possible exception this year, I’m thinking, is Anne V, who isn’t immune to the standard-issue Petulant Pout, but somehow often manages to look like she’s about to break out into the giggles, even in moments of feigned sultriness.

And when the situation is clearly goofy:

Anne V. in body paint

I’m pretty sure she’s not laughing at Cubs fans.

Historical note: Technically, this post title became obsolete when she was about four years old.



  1. fillyjonk »

    6 March 2010 · 4:38 pm

    I saw the issue on the newsstand. My question was this: “If it’s a ‘swimsuit’ issue, why does the girl on the cover appear not to be wearing one?”

    I know, I know: too left-brained for my own good.

  2. CGHill »

    6 March 2010 · 5:15 pm

    I figure, if it were really about the swimsuits, they’d put the Where to Buy pages somewhere other than where they actually are. (This year, “Where to Buy” occupies pages 181-183; the last page, Bill Scheft’s “Point After” column, is page 184.) And sometimes there’s only the illusion of a suit: in the picture above, Anne V is wearing only body paint and a semi-grin.

    Then then there was the 1999 shot with Rebecca Romijn wearing nothing at all, standing next to a clothesline with a swimsuit hanging on it. For some inscrutable reason, this shot doesn’t show up in SI’s online Vault, but it’s not like you can’t find it online or anything.

    And finally, I remember dimly (1980s, maybe) a magazine called Swimwear Illustrated. Never could understand why they didn’t put out an annual Sports issue.

  3. Dick Stanley »

    7 March 2010 · 4:00 am

    I bet she is laughing at Cubs fans. Who wouldn’t?

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