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2 September 2006

Don't look for the union label

After all, though they may be candy, they're still scabs:

The bandage itself is thin, sturdy plastic you know the plastic that a package of Oscar Meyer bologna is in? Itís that type of plastic. On the back are two sticky spots that you remove the protective covering and use those sticky spots to stick it to your skin. The part over your "wound" is a hinged area that opens to reveal the candy "scab". (photo) The hinged area is re-closeable so you can take a few licks and save it for later.

The candy scab is simply molded, pressed sugar like a SweeTart or pressed Pixy Stix but the top is "scab red" and molded to look like a real scab. You get five bandages per box plus a pack of five "scab refills". The candy itself is nothing special, but isnít bad tasting. The whole thing is pretty gross though.

Well, we've had boogers, and now scabs. What's next? A Hershey's Kiss in the shape of a lump o' crap? Otter Pops with chunks of real otter? (Keep in mind, I rule Google when it comes to ocelot spleen.)

Posted at 9:53 AM to Worth a Fork

That is one of the most disgusting things since Garbage Pail Kids. Candy companies= no shame.

Posted by: Ms. Cornelius at 4:31 PM on 2 September 2006

I assume you also saw the Top 10 Grossest Candies list?


Posted by: Brian at 11:24 PM on 2 September 2006

Yeah, but given the delicate sensibilities of the readership here, I didn't want to break it to them all at once. :)

Posted by: CGHill at 11:29 PM on 2 September 2006