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29 August 2006

Why Big Blue is still around

They may be fleeing the hardware business as quickly as possible, or so it may appear, but a call to 800-IBM-SERV almost always seems to get someone with Actual Smarts.

I had a printer issue to report this morning, and after the details were taken down but before the tech guys were summoned, I was punched through to an intake person, for lack of a better term, and she was sharp: she knew exactly the right questions, even for an oddball problem like this, and I have no doubt she was prepared to talk me through a procedure if she thought it could be solved in that manner.

Which apparently it couldn't, so the tech guys did get the call to come out and breathe upon the machine. But given the ginormous problems that seem to exist with call centers these days one look at The Consumerist and you'd think that phone banks are manned by monsters and/or morons I'm always grateful when I can get through something without screaming and/or tearing my hair out. (No points for sneering "Since when do you have hair?")

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(No points for sneering "Since when do you have hair?")

Eyebrows count.

Posted by: McGehee at 7:36 AM on 30 August 2006