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22 August 2006

They didn't say if it was kosher

Gatorade, schmatorade. What your body craves is ... pickle juice?

Apparently so:

Claiming 30 times the electrolytes of Powerade and 15 times that of Gatorade, the newly released Pickle Juice Sport already has major sports figures endorsing it.

Yes, you read correctly … pickle juice. Developed through market research that confirms many people sneak a drink of pickle juice from the jar. Apparently there was a market, after all, for a manufactured beverage that tastes of dill, salt, and vinegar. This was later reinforced by an NFL football game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Dallas Cowboys, which received national attention over the Eagles’ consumption of pickle juice to beat the 120 degree heat and led them to victory. Who knew?!

I plead guilty to taking a sip out of the jar once in a while, but it never occurred to me to pass it off as a sports beverage.

Then again, given my fondness for corn on the cob, out of the can, out of the freezer perhaps I need some extra green to offset all that yellow.

Posted at 7:54 PM to Worth a Fork

Ghaaack! Count me out.

Of course, I don't like Scotch either, so my judgement may be biased.

Posted by: Jeffro at 8:58 PM on 22 August 2006

The local barbecue joint for which Alan Jackson once worked as a waiter, seems to lubricate its cole slaw not with that creamy whatever-it-is that everyone else uses, but with pickle juice.

Apparently from sweet pickles; I didn't detect dill.

Posted by: McGehee at 9:55 PM on 22 August 2006

Pickle juice is the best remedy for a vodka hangover.
Everybody know it, back in civilized country.

Ah, those Americans, always take advantage of old-coutry recipes...

Posted by: Tatyana at 10:25 PM on 22 August 2006

When I worked at Mickey D's, back at the Dawn of Time, we used the stuff to loosen the gunk on the grill, which perhaps says something about its overall efficacy.

Posted by: CGHill at 6:22 AM on 23 August 2006

It has also been known to combat upset stomach and headaches. I've used it for that a few times and it seems to help. Yes there are times where I just have a craving for the juice also.

Posted by: anomdragon at 7:11 AM on 23 August 2006

At this weekend's Hotter 'n Hell Hundred biking event in Wichita Falls, the 17 rest stops will serve 8,000 pickles.

If you care, they also will dole out 20,000 bananas, 2,800 gallons of PowerAde, 9,000 oranges, 10,000 gallons of water and more than 70,000 pounds of ice.

Saturday's forecast for Wichita Falls is a high of 103 degrees. One way or another, I'll be done before it gets that hot.

Posted by: Don Mecoy at 11:50 AM on 23 August 2006