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21 August 2006

Sew what's old

A friend sent me this, and I have to admit it's kinda neat:

Past Patterns, one of the premiere pattern manufacturers of historical sewing patterns, covers Regency through 1930s fashions, engineered with historical accuracy, skill and come with detailed instructions and historical background. These patterns are suitable for novice through expert sewers. Highly recommended.

$60.50 Canadian will get you, for instance, a template for this:

Wedding Gown with Cathedral Train
Slight bustle created by metal stays in three rows from below the centre back waist to the knees, but can be eliminated without effect to the cathedral train which can be removed all together. This makes into a gorgeous gown. I have created this from ivory Duchess silk satin with antique (c.1860) lace for a client and found the pattern to be wonderful. Sizes 10-16 inclusive.

Only one thing perplexes me:

Weight: 971.00 gms

I've got to assume that this is the shipping weight for the pattern, because surely this gown weighs more than two pounds, doesn't it?

Posted at 5:24 PM to Entirely Too Cool , Rag Trade

Yes, it's the weight of the pattern; I assume the shipping charges are calculated based on weight of the parcel.

What looks strange to me, though, is that the measurements are in Emperial system (inches), but the weight is in Metrics.

Posted by: Tatyana at 6:12 PM on 21 August 2006

Probably a requirement of Canada Post.

Posted by: CGHill at 6:44 PM on 21 August 2006