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18 August 2006

I suspect I've been there

At least, this sounds somewhat familiar:

We wanted to try someplace new, so I suggested Anne Stuartís Food-a-teria (not the real name) because we had heard from a bunch of people over the years that the food was really good, blah blah blah. It didnít open until 11:00 AM, so we killed 45 minutes at Borderís, and arrived back at the food-a-teria at 11:15 AM.

So far, so good. But then:

"Donít you feel odd being here?" she asked.

"Why? Because Iím the only young guy in the room not wearing an Izod shirt? And weíre probably the only people that didnít come here directly from church? Or that everyone is white white?"


"I think if this place only served mayonnaise, these people would be okay with it."

Naw. This place is on the north side of town. It's Southerners who embrace mayonnaise to excess.

(Is this an effort to get McGehee to repost his December 2002 mayonnaise rant? What do you think?)

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That would be this one, right?

Of course, now I have a whole whole category for my jihad, but posts from the Blogger era can't be included for obvious reasons.


Posted by: McGehee at 8:29 PM on 18 August 2006

Oh, and coincidentally, the subject of mayonnaise also came up here, thanks to some malcontent.

Posted by: McGehee at 8:31 PM on 18 August 2006