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16 August 2006

How to be as cool as Sean Gleeson

Well, okay, let's not go overboard here. Nobody is as cool as Sean Gleeson, except maybe William Shatner. And the Shat can't teach you Web design.

But Sean Gleeson can, and he's filling up Web Design classes at Oklahoma City Community College. This is your one chance to partake of all that Gleeson goodness. (You didn't really want to wait another whole semester, now, did you?)

Details here.

Posted at 7:07 AM to City Scene , PEBKAC

I think Laurence Fishburne might also approach the Gleeson-Shatner coolness heights. But even Larry doesn't teach Web Design. Thanks for the link!

Posted by: Sean Gleeson at 8:34 AM on 16 August 2006