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12 August 2006

The little beige doorstop still lives

I gotta love this: the C64 Orchestra is a real live band that, for the moment anyway, plays music from Commodore 64 games.

Details, sort of:

Recent fascination in the Commodore 64 (not just as a retro game computer) has fuelled compelling interest for the C64 as an instrument in the dance-scene (think of the Dutch hit from the artist Bastian "You've got my love" in 2001).

For this new production, Micromusic and Productiehuis ON invited members of the Dutch Riciotti ensemble and conductor Bas Wiegers for the C64 Orchestra. This new orchestra focused their attention on the groundbreaking 80s computer, the Commodore 64. Micromusic and ON approached two of the most experienced C64-composers of the 1980's, Rob Hubbard and Jeroen Tel. The Dutch Ricciotti ensemble will perform their music, with scoring done by Rob Hubbard himself. The game scores that are to be performed include the following Rob Hubbard compositions: Monty on the Run, One Man And His Droid and International Karate.

Also Jeroen Tel's Cybernoid II, Hawkeye, Myth and Supremacy will be performed.

Okay, it's not a massed array of SID chips, but I'm impressed just the same. And here's a highly-subjective list of the greatest C64 game music, just to jar those memory locations.

(Seen at Popgadget, which, despite being billed as "Personal Tech for Women," is rapidly becoming my favorite geek-overload site.)

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Dustbury notes an odd little item: ...the C64 Orchestra is a real live band that, for the moment anyway, plays music from Commodore 64 games. If you feel so inclined, follow that link for details and more links. It especially......[read more]

The author of the article, Ray, says "Although my loyalties rested with my trusted Apple IIc...". This brought back many happy memories as I used and enjoyed my Apple IIc with AppleWorks software and ImageWriter printer for many years. There was also a great magazine for Apple users called, if memory serves, A+. This was my first computer and I ended up using it for 10+ years. It was still working when I donated it to a local non-profit organization.

Posted by: Muttering In Manitoba at 4:54 PM on 12 August 2006

I spent more time hanging with Apple II users than with actual Apple II machines, though I was always impressed with the hardware and with the general level of tech smarts exhibited by said users.

Posted by: CGHill at 5:08 PM on 12 August 2006