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5 August 2006

I'm more of a C-minus, myself

Exactly as I saw it:

OkCupid is hiring. We're looking for both senior and junior C++ developers; pay to scale upward with experience. Applying is a highly competitive process there's even a test you have to take so only the best should apply.

if ((iq > 120) && (experience != 0)) {

sendResume (;

} else {



Now, where was I?

Posted at 4:35 PM to PEBKAC

Well, the only thing I know about C++ is that it's not to be pronounced as Orwell might. And yet I could make sense of that code. Furthermore, I could qualify for the IQ side of that equation.

Experience, !so much.

Posted by: McGehee at 5:49 PM on 5 August 2006

-5 points for no indention inside the if and else blocks.

Posted by: Steven Roemerman at 8:11 PM on 5 August 2006

C++ for web applications? That's bizarre.

Posted by: Dan at 7:02 PM on 6 August 2006