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2 August 2006

Golden brownouts

DreamHost, which has hosted this very site since the waning hours of 2001, goes public with a list of Everything That Went Wrong last month, and it's a long list.

Meanwhile, a commenter asks:

Kind of off-topic, but: Why do internet companies constantly choose to locate in LA, which has chronic power problems in the summer? Why not Dallas, Atlanta, or Richmond? There are tons of other cities with great infrastructure, cheap land, adequate power/no brownouts, and a skilled labor force. But for some reason, LA is chosen despite its lack of adequate power during the summer. I donít really understand that.

These are surfer dudes, dude. They're not gonna go to Dallas, fercrissake.

Disclosure: Your humble narrator once sought fame and/or fortune in 90254.

Posted at 6:21 AM to PEBKAC

Boy, that initial image sure does grab the attention.

I can see why DreamHost has such a loyal client in you, Charles.

Posted by: McGehee at 9:35 AM on 2 August 2006

I can tell you, DreamHost is losing at least twelve customers over this, who all called me last week to inform me.

Posted by: Sean Gleeson at 9:59 AM on 2 August 2006

Not being a Web host insider, I couldn't tell you how many I'd expect them to lose, but I'm sure lots of folks are looking for new hosts as a result of all this.

Posted by: CGHill at 11:09 AM on 2 August 2006

As a used-to-be/sometimes Okie blogger who also uses Dreamhost I have to say I don't quite buy that some of this isn't due to overselling.

I do agree that DH is at the mercy of LA's antiquated grid (great modern phrase) but that's not the only problem. That said, I'm staying put... with all it's faults DH makes MediaTemple look sparkling.

Posted by: Joel at 12:02 PM on 2 August 2006