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28 July 2006

Tech bleg

Weird problem at NGM HQ. The lad has a DSL-cum-gateway with which he connects to the Net; it provides a wired link for the desktop and a wireless link for a notebook. What he'd like to do is swap files between the two. Unfortunately, while the notebook has Net access, it won't share files no matter what settings are in place, in the (gag) Windows Firewall or anywhere else. Most galling, my notebook connected right up first time.

I'm thinking he should delete the connection altogether and start over. Does this make sense?

Posted at 10:30 AM to PEBKAC

in the past on 98 boxes you had to have a password associated with the login to allow it to share with other boxes on the same subnet. XP may have the same issue depending on how the network is setup.

Posted by: joe at 1:21 PM on 28 July 2006

That is what I would do. I would also make sure that there isn't a firewall issue on the router. I tried networking mine using th IP address & eventually had to go with naming the two boxes to get things to work. You might also have to check to see if the drives are set up to be shared.

I've also heard that mailing a blank check to Redmond WA C/O The Great & Powerful OZ clears up a whole slew of problems.

Posted by: Dwayne "the canoe guy" at 1:21 PM on 28 July 2006

be sure to try it both ways, I've also experience in the past that one machine could see another but not the opposite.

Posted by: joe at 1:23 PM on 28 July 2006

Well, I tried a workaround: to see if it would work with a wired connection. Out came the CAT5, and bingo.

I'm still not quite sure what's ailing the wireless connection, especially since mine works, but at least he got the 20 GB of files moved.

Posted by: CGHill at 2:16 PM on 28 July 2006

I did have one instance at the house where my wap kept dropping, or should I say my access to it kept dropping. After more research I found 8 networks accessible from my living room and all but 1 utilized the 6th channel (and that isn't the default). I reconfigured mine on another channel and haven't had any failures since.

Posted by: joe at 3:32 PM on 28 July 2006