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14 June 2006

I shot the desktop

But I did not shoot the monitor:

A Midwest City man was arrested after shooting his computer during a dispute with his wife over an Internet password.

William Lawrence Perras, 36, was released after he agreed to turn over his eight firearms and underwent a mental health evaluation, police chief Brandon Clabes said.

Clabes said Perras told police he was tired from working a graveyard shift and wanted to unwind by surfing the Internet, but his wife had changed the password without telling him. When the argument over the password escalated, Perras shot the computer with a .40-caliber handgun, he said.

Me, I'm usually not tempted to shoot a computer unless Windows is acting up, which happens less than, oh, eighty percent of the time.

Posted at 10:21 AM to PEBKAC , Soonerland

well since he just the monitor instead of the actual CPU he has the excuse now to run out and get that fancy flat lcd screen.

Posted by: Joe at 11:41 AM on 14 June 2006