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10 June 2006

All the things you are

It takes more to do drag than just putting on a dress. (Don't even ask.) And while the exact ratio of attitude to cosmetics is debatable, it's always seemed pretty clear to me that if you're going to do this sort of thing, you need a name that will stick in people's minds.

Hence this list:

  • Summer Clearance
  • Carlotta Tendant
  • Anna Phalaxis
  • Visa D'Klined
  • Hannah Kronistik
  • Angie O'Plasty
  • Regina Upright
  • Patty O'Furniture
  • Helvetica Bold
  • Sarah Belle Palsey
  • Tara Neuhohl
  • Leta Horticulture
  • Eileen Portside
  • Molly Coddle
  • Amanda Reckonwith

Disclosure #1: Only some of these are fictitious.

Disclosure #2: In my early online days, one of the nyms I used was "Patty O'Furniture." I claim no credit for its invention.

(Via Steph Mineart.)

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Amanda Reckonwith

nee Huggenkis, no doubt.

Posted by: McGehee at 9:43 AM on 11 June 2006

I'm urging these fine ladies to apply for positions with the Car Talk radio program:

Kay Sabrosa Food tasting

Aubrey La Ventana Ventilation and air conditioning

Kay Lastima Consolation Prizes

Posted by: Fûz at 10:42 PM on 12 June 2006