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30 May 2006

I'll have you know I paid for this

Somehow you have to figure that Microsoft put a lot of effort into the name "Genuine Advantage": it sounds like it bestows benefits on the user, when of course the real advantage accrues to Redmond, which is a regular Sir Francis Drake on meth when it comes to policing piracy.

The newest incarnation of the program actually points an accusing finger at the pirate, which wouldn't bother me particularly, inasmuch as I have a legit purchase of XP, except that this being Windows, sooner or later something is going to break, and there's no reason to think that Genuine Advantage will cut me any slack when it does. (Ask this guy.)

And you can be sure Microsoft is tracking this stuff: 35 million validation failures, including a disproportionately-high number in western Oklahoma for some reason known only to God and/or Chairman Bill.

Posted at 9:14 AM to PEBKAC

I can buy a windows XP disc at the local palenke market for 100 pesos (about 2 dollars).
But I actually have a good version of WXP on my desktop that I bought from a valid company here in the Philippines.....alas, because it is a business computer and it is one of many copies of that business program, Microsoft won't validate it.
Ah well...given the price of the next windows system, I may look into Linux.....

Posted by: Nancy Reyes at 8:27 PM on 30 May 2006