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24 May 2006

My typing is teh suck

Apparently, so is Gina Trapani's, but she's apparently annoyed enough to do something about it: she's writing an AutoHotkey script to change her too-frequent rendering of "teh" into "the".

Persons fluent in 13375p34k, I imagine, already have such scripts in reverse.

Posted at 12:12 PM to PEBKAC

Occasionally "teh" in place of "the" is required for the emphasis. However most spell checkers immediately "fix" it which is maddening in it's own right :(

Posted by: ms7168 at 12:29 PM on 24 May 2006

You misspelled suxOrz.

Posted by: Michael Bates at 2:30 PM on 24 May 2006

The working title was "suck4ge," which I thought was a bit much.

Besides, I never know how many X's to put in sux0rz.

Posted by: CGHill at 2:49 PM on 24 May 2006