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23 May 2006

The greats of Roth

David Lee Roth didn't last too long in Howard Stern's spot, but, says Rich Appel in Hz So Good, he oughta be in something with pictures:

David Lee Roth belongs somewhere in this crazy multi-channel-choice media world. And if you don't mind, I'd like to tell you where: either Fox News, MSNBC, CNBC or C-SPAN. Why? Because all four of those issues-bending outlets need someone with both a fresh perspective and an unusual schtick. During his short stay on radio, DLR not only proved that he can take a stand but that he can also take the ball and run with it about 17 blocks. You may love or hate his yap, but I found that Dave was like a bad traffic accident: messy, but you always find yourself stopping to look (or listen, in this case). On TV, where you could see Dave in action, what he's selling would therefore be a much stronger product. I'd sooner watch John McCain or Ann Coulter being interviewed by Dave than I would by O'Reilly or Colmes or anyone but maybe Bill Maher and Jon Stewart.

Maybe you're saying, or thinking out loud, that I've picked the wrong guy from that sphere, and that the rock star doing political talking heads on one of those cable channels should be Bono. Well, there's one problem with giving Bono the job: that show would suck. Sure, he's got something to say about every issue facing the world today, but, have you actually listened to Bono speak? Bono rhymes with mono, as in monotone. Which rhymes with drone. With a capital 'D' and that stands for dull. Hello, hello? It's even worse than vertigo. Plus, with Bono you know what he's gonna say before it even comes out. You'll never have to worry about that with ol' Dave.

Hey, it worked for Don Imus. Sort of.

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Posted at 6:17 AM to Overmodulation

I never saw the "attraction" to Don Imus. I know he did a short stint as a VH-1 or MTV VJ. That was the first I had heard of him, though I know he is a very popular radio host. Why? I don't know. I've only heard his show a couple of times. I wasn't that impressed. Well, I don't care much for Howard Stern either. In the case of David Lee Roth? I was surprised he was even chosen to replace Stern. Sure, he's crazy and goofy, and it translated well into Van Halen and even his solo career, but as a radio host, or anywhere else in the "media world"? I see him more having a Vegas lounge act in his future. :-)

Posted by: Mike Goodwin at 7:23 AM on 23 May 2006