The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

21 May 2006

Tastes great, more filling

Now here's some marketing. Old El Paso (which, despite its name, is neither particularly old nor in El Paso) put out a square-bottomed taco shell a couple of years ago; I didn't harp on it at the time, seeing no compelling need for a premium-priced product of this sort.

Until this week, when the usual yellow box appeared with a promotion I'm starting to see on lots of products these days: one free iTunes download.

The Stand 'N Stuff (a name it's now probably too late to change) comes ten to a box instead of twelve, and it does, in fact, stand up straight. And I verified experimentally that you, or at least I, can indeed cram a lot more into it before its structural integrity is threatened. The flavor is indistinguishable from what you'd get from the regular shell basically, five-hole notebook paper with a hint of corn but I didn't expect anything in the way of actual taste improvements, since none were promised, and besides, what matters here is the stuffing and the seasonings; the shell is merely a means to an end.

No, I haven't picked out my free song yet.

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