The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

21 May 2006

With a certain relish

Jack Bauer calls WFMU's William Berger and explains this very difficult procedure in great detail:

William, this is Jack Bauer, Los Angeles Counter Terrorist Unit have you ever cooked hot dogs before? No? Well, don't worry 'cause I'm going to talk you through it. We are dealing with especially volatile materials here Nathan's Famous Cheddar Cheese Beef Franks, so I need you to follow my instructions to the letter; I don't need to remind you that thousands of lives are at stake, and I imagine that you're pretty hungry. Chloe obtained an extensive file detailing your hunger rages, Mr. Berger, so don't play games with me you and I both know we haven't a second to waste.

As you may already have surmised, there are three paragraphs to follow.

[Insert "perfect wiener" reference here]

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